Kolkata Scientist Invents Pocket Ventilator To Aid Covid Patients

Amid the outcry for ventilators in the country, a scientist from Kolkata has come to the rescue and invented a pocket ventilator.

Dr Ramendra Lal Mukherjee, who is an engineer and known for such innovations, has designed a battery-operated pocket ventilator that can give immediate relief to a patient.

Apart from being easy to use, the pocket ventilator is cost-efficient as well.

“In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, my oxygen level had reached 88, then my family wanted to take me to the hospital,” said Dr Mukherjee.

“I came out of the crisis, but after that, the idea came to my mind to help the patients. After recovering, I started working on the ventilator and it was ready in 20 days,” he added.

The device has two units of power and a mask is attached to it. It also has a UV filter, which according to Dr Mukherjee, helps in killing viruses and cleans the air.

“With the help of this ventilator, the virus will spread less, patients and doctors will get relief,” Dr Mukherjee said.

He also claimed that with the increasing cases of black fungus, the ventilator could be helpful for the patients.

The pocket ventilator also has a special control knob that can control the flow of air.

The weight of the ventilator is only 250 grams, and it can work for 8 hours on a single charge. Not only this, it can be charged with an Android phone charger.

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