Gujarat: Police Brutally Thrash Receptionist After Hotel Owner Refuses To Bribe

Police allegedly framed and beat the hotel receptionist after his hotel owner refused to bribe the police.

Pune: Artists Get A New Space In ‘Aayaam’ To Celebrate Their Talent

Aayaam is a flexible space not only for the artists of today, but the space is also available for local artists, handcrafters, small scale entrepreneurs from different parts of the country.

UP: Meet Dinesh, A Journalist Who ‘Writes’ Newspaper; Sells Ice Cream For Living

After he finishes writing the newspaper, Dinesh gets several printouts and pastes them at various standpoints in the city.

Rajasthan: 5-Yr-Old Girl Dies Due To Lack Of Water, Scorching Heat

The girl was on a walking journey with her grandmother. Due to the scorching heat and the unpaved road, the grandmother also fainted.

Twitter Storm Calls For Chapter On NorthEast In NCERT Books

Earlier, Punjab-based YouTuber Paras Singh was brought to Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh, on May 27 for calling senior Congress MLA and former MP Ninong Ering and the people of the state "Chinese".

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