India Votes Against Move For Climate Change Discussions At UNSC

The draft proposed to make a formal space inside UNSC work towards solutions to climate change. India along with Russia and China appealed against it.

Delhi Air Pollution: All About National Capital’s Toxic Smog

Air pollution in Delhi has been an issue every year during the months of October and November, following multiple reasons.

Is There An Answer To Stubble Burning Menace?

Normally, the remaining straws from the paddy harvests are burnt to clear space for the upcoming wheat season.

What Is Miyawaki Forest? Say Trees’ Shashank Sharma Explains It All

Say Trees planted its first Miyawaki forest in September 2016 at the Railway Diesel Loco Shed, KR Puram, Bengaluru.

‘Revisiting Roots’: UP Groom Takes Bullock Cart Baraat For Noble Cause

Chote Lal said that vehicles caused pollution, and our generation must be made aware of the old traditions our ancestors used for transportation.

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