Fed Up Of Rising Fuel Prices, Telangana Man Converts His Motorcycle Into E-Bike

An unprecedented spree of hikes in fuel prices has left the people of India in shock. All the major cities crossed the mark of Rs 100 per litre, have forced motorists to cut down on their commute or find other ways to deal with the situation. However, we are living in a country where we always find a makeshift (jugaad).

A man in Telangana came out with an innovative idea to tackle the steep surge in petrol price. Kurapati Vidyasagar, a resident of Jangaon town in Hyderabad, replaced the petrol engine of his 15-year-old motorcycle with batteries, a converter and a motor, turning it into a cost-effective electric bike.

Television mechanic by profession, Vidyasagar said, he first hit the idea during the deadly virus induced the country last year. With the price of petrol crossing the Rs 100 mark recently, he decided to implement his plan.

The 42-year-old, who runs a shop in the town, purchased four 30-ah 12-volt batteries by investing Rs 10,000 and bought an electric bike conversion kit comprising 48V motor, converter etc by spending another Rs 7,500. He removed the petrol engine of his Bajaj Discover bike and replaced it with batteries and a motor with the help of a two-wheeler mechanic.

“In all, I spent about Rs 20,000 but this is helping me save Rs 3,000 every month as I no longer need to buy petrol,” Vidyasagar said.

Vidyasagar use to travel 50-60 km every day, earlier with his fuel carrying bike needed 1-1.5 litre of petrol to cover the distance. But, from his converted bike, he covers the same distance at minimum expense.

Every night, he charges his vehicle for five hours and this is enough for covering 50-60 km. “The charging required 1-2 units of power which works out to about Rs.10 every day,” he said.

Vidyasagar, who has studied up to 12th Class, is now working to ensure charging of the bike while on the move with a dynamo. He says this will help in covering a longer distance.

He is also ready to help others covert their petrol vehicles into electric ones and is looking forward to the support from government agencies.

According to Vidyasagar, speed is the only limitation of the converted e-bike. “It can help prevent pollution and safe, but it can run up to a maximum speed of 25-30 kmph. If you increase the weight, the speed comes down further,” he concluded.

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