UP: Meet Dinesh, A Journalist Who ‘Writes’ Newspaper; Sells Ice Cream For Living

In this digital era, paperwork has almost extinct. They say, if you don’t adopt the trend, you will be left far behind. But, Dinesh, a resident of Muzaffarnagar district, Uttar Pradesh, is still working in an old-fashioned style.

A journalist by profession, Dinesh, writes out the news and make sketches on art paper sheets.

Owner and editor of ‘Vidya Darshan’ newspaper, Dinesh, does not own a printing press, does not employ any staff and does not even have a typewriter.

After he finishes writing the newspaper, Dinesh gets several printouts and pastes them at various standpoints in the city.

“I have been writing my own newspaper for the past 17 years. It takes me about three hours to write the news,” news agency IANS quoted Dinesh.

Over 50-year-old, Dinesh owns a time-worn bicycle and can not even afford a change of clothes every day.

“People read my newspaper because I highlight local issues and incidents. Since I do not earn anything from the newspaper, I sell ice cream in the evening for a living,” he said.

Dinesh feels joy and happiness when he finds someone reading his newspaper from the wall.

Journalism is a passion for Dinesh. “I do not earn a penny from journalism. I have never got any advertisement or government support but my work gives me immense satisfaction,” he added.

Dinesh said that he freely express his opinion and thoughts in the newspaper which compel people to introspect.

“I rarely write on politics. I prefer to write on incidents that have social relevance. Anyone who reads my newspaper knows what exactly is happening in the district,” he concluded.

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