Pune: Artists Get A New Space In ‘Aayaam’ To Celebrate Their Talent

Pune is a place of confluence of Art and culture. The city celebrates various art forms be it dance, music or theatre.

To help the artists to explore their skills and celebrate their talent, Aayaam came into the picture at Jangli Mahraj Road, Pune, on January 5, 2021.

Aayaam by House of Aadyaa is the brainchild of Sayalee Marathe, founder of Aadyaa, a jewellery and fashion brand. Stepping into the shoes of chief curator at Aayaam, Sakhi Gokhale has curated various events here. Aayaam is a cultural, art and performing arts place.

WeJan managed to have a quick conversation with Sayalee Marathe. Below are some of the extracts:

What is Aayaam?

Aayaam is a space for all the artists of today. We have also kept the space flexible. So, not only artists, but the space is also available for local artists, handcrafters, small scale entrepreneurs from different parts of the country.

Aayaam is well equipped with projectors and sound system for film screening as well. Along with this, Aayaam is a place for theatre enthusiasts, to conduct events of music, dance, paintings, etc.

I am a theatre artist and have done theatre for many years. So, I thought creating such a space for artists would be helpful. Sakhi who has studied post graduation in curation of contemporary arts from Royal College of London was a perfect match for chief curator here.

What does the word Aayaam signify?

While choosing the name for the space, we thought of various names. But when the name Aayaam came forward, it seemed appropriate for such a creative space.

Aayaam is a Sanskrit word . It means dimension. As we were adding a new dimension to the world of art, this was the perfect name.

Can you tell us more about your various events?

Aayam by House of Aadyaa was inaugurated by the “NAYIKA” event by Shubha Gokhale. The exhibition portrayed not only her paintings but also her artisanal crafts and jewellery. Through Nayika, we took a closer look at her perspective of women and their various environments.

We also arranged a series of eco weekends. It was an exhibition and sale of sustainable and eco-friendly products. There was also a short film screening at Aayaam. This short film was done by college going enthusiasts.

Not only that, Aayaam hosted various solo performances, music mehfils, standup comedy by Bhadipa, etc. Recently, we have also hosted an event for upcoming entrepreneurs.

Why would you encourage people to choose Aayaam?

Aayaam’s motive is to celebrate the young talent of today. Many times, it happens that the college going students don’t have enough money to rent an entire theatre. Aayaam comes to rescue in such a case. 

Aayaam provides a creative space for all and yet it is affordable and accessible to all. So it proves to be a package deal for all those who want art, act, conduct exhibits and workshops. 

Aayaam is all set to treat you with many more exciting, lined up events in near future.

You can visit their website at www.aayaam.in

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