Covid Pushes Families Into Poverty, Reveals Report

The havoc of Covid-19 has left the country devastated with many losing their loved ones. However, the suffering didn’t end there for the common people as the financial troubles have broken their back.

The money, which many had saved to buy a house, spend on education or on a business, is being spent on buying oxygen, medicines and for hospitalisation.

Lakhs of families had to take loans, even worse, some had no choice but head to the informal loans at high interests.

According to The Times Of India, 24-year-old Sakthi Prashant, who had everything a year ago, was left with nothing today. He wanted to go to Canada in 2020 for the master’s degree for which he was waiting for the outbreak of the epidemic to subside.

Unfortunately, Prashant and his father got infected with Covid-19. They had to spend around ₹12 lakh on the treatment. Now, they have no money left to go to Canada. Although some of his friends are trying to crowd fund for him, Prashant’s dream has started to fade.

Prashant is not alone in this situation. There are lakhs of people in the country, whose hard earned money disappeared owing to the pandemic.

Saving lives is the first priority at the moment and rightly so. At the same time, the economic condition of the people is something that needs to be looked into as soon as possible.

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