‘Revisiting Roots’: UP Groom Takes Bullock Cart Baraat For Noble Cause

India has a diverse culture and Indian marriages are known for their unique customs.

We have often seen a ‘dulha’ (bridegroom) on a mare (female horse), in open jeeps, sports cars, etc. But this ‘baraat’ had a different story altogether.

A resident of Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria district, Chote Lal Pal, the groom, raised eyebrows when he reached the wedding venue on a bullock cart.

Speaking about his 35 km journey from his house in Kushari village to Pakri Bazar, Chote Lal said that vehicles caused pollution, and our generation must be made aware of the old traditions our ancestors used for transportation.

“Our ancestors used to take out marriage processions on bullock carts. To keep these traditions alive, I thought my marriage procession would go on bullock carts. We are travelling to Pakri Bazar from my home in Kushari village,” Chote Lal said.

In this old traditional marriage, instead of an electronic music system, Chote Lal made sure that traditional songs and manual music gadgets were used.

On the way to the marriage venue, Chote Lal posed with his friends and took photographs.

“The intention is keeping the customs and tradition alive which people have forgotten. For many, this is a unique marriage procession but for elderly people, it is a journey to the past. The young generation is making videos of my wedding,” the groom said.

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