Class 5 Girl Lauds SC’s Covid Intervention, Chief Justice NV Ramana Responds Emotionally

Days after the Supreme Court pulled the Narendra Modi-led central government over its ‘vaccine policy’, the Chief Justice of India NV Ramana has responded with good wishes to a little girl’s heartful letter.

Responding to Lidwina Joseph, a class five girl from Kerala, the CJI wrote, “I have received your beautiful letter, as well as the touching portrayal of the judge at work.

Earlier, Lidwina Joseph wrote a letter to the Chief Justice, along with a drawing, to appreciate the effective intervention of the Supreme Court on the issue of Covid-19 management.

Lidwina, a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya in Thrissur, in her letter, had attached a drawing depicting the discharge of duties on behalf of the apex court, showing a judge killing the coronavirus and having the tricolour flag, Ashoka Pillar and A smiling picture of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi engraved in the background.

She wrote, “I was very concerned about the deaths due to the coronavirus in Delhi and other parts of the country. I understood from the newspaper that your Honorable Supreme Court has effectively intervened in the fight against Covid-19 on the suffering and death of common people.”

“I am happy and proud that your honourable court ordered oxygen supply and saved many lives. I understand that your Honorable Court has taken effective steps to reduce the Covid-19 and mortality rate in our country especially in Delhi. I thank you for this. Now, I am feeling very proud and happy,” Lidwina added.

To this, the CJI responded with good wishes, “I have received your beautiful letter, as well as the touching depiction of the judge at work. I am really impressed by the way you have kept an eye on the happenings in the country and the concern you have shown for the well being of the people in the wake of the pandemic. I am sure that you will grow into an alert, informed and responsible citizen who will contribute immensely in nation building.”

Chief Justice Ramana also sent a signed copy of the constitution to the girl.

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