Rajasthan: 5-Yr-Old Girl Dies Due To Lack Of Water, Scorching Heat

Amidst the claims of development, some news leaves us shaken. Such a piece of news has come from Rajasthan’s Jalore where a five-year-old girl died due to not getting water in the scorching sun.

The girl was on a walking journey with her grandmother. Due to the scorching heat and the unpaved road, the grandmother also fainted.

This matter has come up from the Raniwada tehsil of Jalore district. In most areas of Rajasthan, the temperature is running beyond 40 degrees. Not caring about this, 60-year-old Sukhi Devi, along with her granddaughter Anjali, was going from Raipur (near Sirohi) to her house in Dungri (in the Raniwada area).

Seeing the cold weather on Sunday morning, Sukhi Devi left for Dungri on foot with her five-year-old granddaughter. However, later the temperature started rising and the weather became hot and humid.

After travelling about 10 to 12 km, due to the scorching heat and the unpaved road, their journey started to become a problem which was further aggravated as they did not even have water. Due to the extreme circumstance, both suffered dehydration and fell unconscious.

Later, a shepherd called the sarpanch of Surajwada, Krishnakumar Purohit, and informed him about the incident.

By the time the police reached the spot, the girl had already died. While the woman was sent to the hospital for treatment, the girl’s body was buried after the post-mortem.

The woman told the authorities that due to the scorching heat, both of them had fallen unconscious. After a while, when it rained lightly, there was some relief. However, by then her granddaughter had died.

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