Punjab Cancer Survivor’s Homemade ‘Achaar’ Will Make You Go Wow!

Aruna Aggarwal, who lives in Punjab’s Batala, is a homemaker, a businesswoman and a cancer survivor. Are you excited to know what she does? She brings joy to our taste buds with her homemade pickles and chutneys.

Aruna is 58-years-old and she wanted to start her business for the past two years but couldn’t do it due to Covid-19 induced situation. It is often said ‘better late than never’ and that is what Aruna did. She finally started her business two months ago.

Aruna used to prepare ‘achaar’ for her relatives and they loved it, and that is where she got the inspiration to start her achaar business. She wondered why not prepare different varieties of achaar in bulk and sell them.

Her business journey began with an order of 50kgs achaar.

Aruna has a lot of options to choose from like mango pickle, onion pickle, lemon pickle, mixed pickle, chilli pickle and the list is long. The best part? It is all prepared by her, with absolutely no preservatives.

Her achaar will remind you of that homely taste just like our Dadi Ji and Nani Ji used to make, and this is what brings more and more customers to buy her products. Recently, she introduced a new product ‘Fruit chutney’ which is made of a variety of fruits and is very healthy, as she claims. 

Aruna tells WeJan, “I’m blessed to have a supportive and beautiful family where my children take care of promoting the products on social media, and my husband helps me in getting all the raw material required to prepare the items.”

She has always been interested in cooking, and her mother always inspired her. So, the interest and inspiration came together in the making of her brand- ‘Pickles by Aruna’, which is going to inspire many others to believe in themselves and start their own small business.

According to Aruna, age is just a number, and what actually matters to do something is willpower. Her determination is what always pushed her to do more and better in life. Aruna also believes that it was God who gave her strength to first overcome cancer and then start her own business, as she dedicates her time whole heartily to worshipping Lord Krishna.

Stories like these are good examples of how destiny works, Aruna Ji never thought of turning her interest into a business but that one order changed the whole scenario, and now, we have an inspiring entrepreneur among us.

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