Meet 47-Yr-Old Kakoli Ji, Who Runs A Crocheting Business

We all have dreamt of turning our passions into our professions at some point in our lives and one such is going to be our today’s small business story. This is the journey of Kakoli Roy who lives in Bhandara, Maharashtra, a crocheter and a housewife.

To discuss her tale let’s take you to her childhood days where this little girl was fascinated with her Nani’s crochet skills and wanted to learn the art just like her Nani, so when she grew up a little she started making table mats, and some other decorative items out of crochet.

Kakoli grew up with this hobby and continued it even after marriage but as her family and house responsibilities grew, she couldn’t give much attention to crocheting work and time passed.

It was after 20 years, during the lockdown last year, she found her old box of crocheting material while cleaning her place. When she saw the old box, her childhood memories freshened up and took over her mind.

This time around, everything was in her favour. She had time, she had the will and all the excitement to carry on with her long lost hobby.

Kakoli took out the things and started completing the incomplete products with the help of YouTube, she recollected all her skills and the first-ever product that she made after a long gap in her journey was a ‘Strawberry keychain’.

In October 2020, she started her crochet business and got her very first order in the month of December. Her first order was for three pairs of earrings and her feeling on receiving that first order was priceless, she told WeJan.

Nine months ago, Kakoli started her online store where she sells crochet made items that surpass one’s imagination, because who thought you can get jewellery sets, bookmarks, hair ties and many such items made of crochet, and that is exactly what you get at ‘Kakoli’s Corner’, which is her brand’s name.

Recently, she also introduced ‘Crochet Rakhis’ which is liked a lot by her customers and has a huge demand among people who want handmade Rakhis.

Her handmade items are a perfect match for gifting your loved ones. Kakoli keeps experimenting as per the demand of customers as well as the need of the hour. She enjoys taking on new challenges for customized designs.

So that is how her journey is going at the moment but in the past, she never thought she’d be making these many products with crochet thread.

After a busy day when she gets back to her hobby, she finds peace in it and all her stress just blows away. When she sees her customers using her products and sending her pictures, it adds to her motivation and happiness. Thus, she tells everyone to pursue their hobbies and find their mode of relaxation.

WeJan asked Kakoli how does a small business benefit the consumers as well as the owner. This is what she had to say:

“Things were never easy in the beginning and the business requires a lot of time but if you visualise the long term plan patiently, you become financially independent which gives you the satisfaction of doing something unique. You learn about selling, finances, packaging, legal affairs and a lot more important things when you start your own business. You can showcase your talent on various platforms which earns respect for you as well as your business.”

“If we talk about the customers, for them the most important benefit is that they get high-quality products and lower prices as there is no middle link involved. One can contact the owner directly according to their needs. The best part of a small business is that items can be customised as per the customer demands.”

When one purchases anything from a small business market, he/she supports the dreams of small business entrepreneurs, says Kakoli, who is getting her orders from all over the country as everyone loves her handmade items and the creativity she puts in giving that unique touch to her products.

Although her hobby is crocheting which she turned into her profession, there are few more things she enjoys doing in her free time. She owns a garden, enjoys gardening along with cooking and listening to Hindi and Bengali songs.

Just like it helps other businesses to grow, social media has played a very vital role in Kakoli’s business as well. She believes that with the help of social media, one can reach new people and promote his/her work.

Her story inspires us to work hard, have faith in ourselves and focus on the hobbies that actually make us feel good and wait for the magic to happen.

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