Beware Delhi! Yamuna’s Brother Is None Other Than ‘Yamraj’

What once used to be the ‘life’ line of Delhi NCR has now become the ‘sewage’ line. The ‘holy’ river Yamuna is dying courtesy to Delhi’s generosity and the usual failures of the ‘governments.’

Being the longest and the second largest tributary of river Ganga, Yamuna has always held a special ‘sacred’ place. And due to being ‘sacred,’ it is the receiving end of ‘eternal devotion’ in the form of ashes, flowers and other ‘pooja samagri.’

Self proclaimed ‘babas’ like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, with the obvious help of our dear government, organise so called ‘World Culture Festival’ and gifts the divine Yamuna small tokens of ‘devotion’ time and again.


Being the ‘life’ line that it is, Yamuna gives life to various industries on its banks too. Metal, chemical, leather – you name it, and Yamuna sustains it. And in return gift, gets immense discharge of leachate.

Due to this devotion – high density population growth and rapid industrialisation – today ‘divine’ Yamuna has become one of the most polluted rivers in the world. Guess what, Delhi NCR, the National Capital Region of India, dumps about 58% of its waste into the river in untreated form.


This negligence and shameful behaviour of Delhi is not only hazardous for the city, it’s even killing other cities like Mathura and Agra.

The air quality index of Delhi is already fatal and water ‘scarcity’ is also hitting the peak. Inability of citizens, let alone the government, to take actions has created a scenario of ‘sacred to shame’ for the river. Yamuna is dying a rather rapid death. Beware Delhi, according to mythology, Yamuna’s brother is none other than the God of death ‘Yamraj.’

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