OatMlk: India’s Very Own Oat-Based Vegan Milk

We all dream to work in the best possible company in the best position. And, same was on the minds of two young chaps who were working in London. This is the journey of Akash Wadhwani and Rishabh Gupta who are the pioneers of OatMlk India.

As the name OatMlk suggests, OatMlk India manufactures milk from oats. The company’s aim is to create a plant-based dairy alternative that is good for humans as well as for the planet.

WeJan managed to talk with Rishabh Gupta, one of the founders of OatMlk India.

Can you tell us the journey of OatMlk?

Akash and I, being schoolmates and got bumped into each other both in London, realising that both of us were lactose intolerant. At that time, we thought that this is something India might need and thus began the journey of OatMlk.

We decided to come back to India and mend the broken dairy system. Though we are a couple of years behind some other countries, I think India is catching up and we have something to offer.

We tried different types of milk like almond, soy, coconut milk but none had the taste of oats. After a hundred and sixty-two odd experiments, the perfect blend was discovered. And thus OatMlk came into existence.

Why Oat milk?

I think oat milk is more sustainable, tastier compared to any other vegan milk. Oats are incredibly nutritious food containing vitamins, minerals.

Oats are high in fiber and proteins. Our protein content is almost 34% which is greater as compared to any other vegan and plant-based milk.

People directly link oats as healthy and we have tried to maintain that. We think that oat milk is much creamier, tastier, and healthier. That’s why our hearts settled on oat milk.

What was the feedback which you received from the people?

Before sampling, we tried oat milk with almost 500 people. We both had various references which kept us going.

To give you an example, my grandmother has a set food routine. And after closing on 160 experiments, I made her tea but with oat milk. As I did not tell her, it was a blind test for me. After drinking it, she was amazed and even asked to make the same tea again.

It was the moment where I felt ‘Yes! that’s a win’. The very initial feedback was improper consistency, bitter after taste which always kept us going to finally make this delicious milk.

OatMlk India also supports the environment by delivering products into high-valued glass. Can you tell us more about it?

As we all know, glass is the most recyclable material as compared to others. One of our major focuses is that our product should be sustainable in the environment. That’s why we chose our packaging material as glass.

We are trying to tie up with various scrap dealers. Once people are done consuming, be it retail, B2B we will collect these bottles, sanitize and reuse them. Even though it is not our own facility we will make sure that they are being reused. This is what we mean by the high-valued glass.

Moreover, we are also promoting sustainable uses from the milk bottle. To give you an insight, I currently have 5-6 bottles in my garden out of which plants are growing.

What are your future prospects?

After facing various issues especially related to covid, we are finally going to launch our product soon at the pan-India level.

As of now, we are going to launch just the oat milk. We want to educate people. We understand that this is a somewhat new concept and product to accept. But our main motto is to educate that Oat milk is also a type of milk only and not any type of beverage.

We want people to understand that it can get as versatile as we want. We can use it for coffee, tea, pancakes, pasta, kheer, and anything. So our main aim is to establish that.

For the past 1.5 years, we have learned various things about oats and possibly to make the best oat milk. So if we were into by-products, that would be made or dairy alternatives that would definitely be oat-based.

You can follow their Instagram page and can visit their website at https://www.oatmlk.in/ for exciting updates!

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OatMlk: India’s Very Own Oat-Based Vegan Milk

As the name OatMlk suggests, OatMlk India manufactures milk from oats. The company's aim is to create a plant-based dairy alternative that is good for humans as well as for the planet.

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