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Annie Shiva’s Story Of Grit: From Ice Cream Seller To Sub Inspector

Annie's live-in partner left her with a six-month-old baby. Abandoned even by her family, Annie sold ice creams, lemonade for her and her son's survival.

‘Revisiting Roots’: UP Groom Takes Bullock Cart Baraat For Noble Cause

Chote Lal said that vehicles caused pollution, and our generation must be made aware of the old traditions our ancestors used for transportation.

What Is Permaculture? Swapnil Rao Says ‘Lens For Living Life’

Swapnil, along with his wife, Mrunmayee, started Neil & Momo Lifestyle, and practices permaculture in big crowded cities with less available spaces.

Class 5 Girl Lauds SC’s Covid Intervention, Chief Justice NV Ramana Responds Emotionally

Earlier, Lidwina Joseph, a class five girl from Kerala, wrote a letter to the Chief Justice, to appreciate the effective intervention of the Supreme Court on the issue of Covid-19 management.

UP: Meet Dinesh, A Journalist Who ‘Writes’ Newspaper; Sells Ice Cream For Living

After he finishes writing the newspaper, Dinesh gets several printouts and pastes them at various standpoints in the city.

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